Given the fact that the home owner is responsible for the sewer line from the house to the main sewer line connection under the street, and the expense of any repairs needed ranging from $7,000 to $12,000 dollars we highly recommend a Sewer Scope Inspection before the objection deadline in the contract on your new property.

Far too many people choose not to have a Sewer Scope Inspection and then end up with problems and expenses that could have been negotiated in the final purchase price of the home or taken care of by the seller of the property.

We will thoroughly inspect the pipe that lead to your home's connection to the main sewer line or to where your responsibility ends.

We incorporate the latest technology with a High Definition camera with bright LED lights that can detect problems in you sewer drain system and our sonde locating equipped system can pinpoint the location of any problems that we identify, and we can provide a digital video of your sewer scope inspection with your inspection report.